Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B

San Francisco (SOMA)

Adventurous, Kind, Badass

Be prepared to be transported by Alexis’ classes. She is a wandering soul who found yoga on a small island off the coast of Thailand and hasn’t looked back. Alexis stumbled onto a yoga mat for the first time hoping to be able to one day touch her toes.

These days, not only are those ten-digits much more accessible, but Alexis has found a home within her body, and a deep sense of appreciation and wonder within herself. After becoming a certified yoga teacher, Alexis taught all over the world, sharing her love of yoga and its surprising path across the sun-basked tropics.

Upon her return to the Bay Area, she is undertaking a new kind of adventure at Ritual. When you take her class, be prepared to hone your strength and alignment while embarking upon a journey of moving meditation. No matter where you travel, on or off the mat, Alexis’s classes will awaken you to your heart, and help you find a home within yourself.