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Customized events at Ritual Hot Yoga give us an opportunity to work more closely with students.  We see specialized events as the perfect occasions for us to show our dedication to celebrating your life on and off the mat. Prices vary based on time slot, and the number of guests on your list. Contact us today to save your date!


At a Ritual Hot Yoga Birthday party you get to name the peak pose, the music inspiration, the intention, and hand select every name on the guest list. Our job is to create the ultimate birthday bash by providing the best hot yoga experience, customized for you! It’s your birthday after all. Take this opportunity that only comes once a year to treat yourself, pamper your people, and indulge in all your favorite parts of the Ritual Hot Yoga experience.


With a majority of the world working behind a computer screen for most of their day, integrating movement and mindfulness into the workplace is more important than ever before. At Ritual Hot Yoga we are incredibly passionate about partnering with corporations around San Francisco to incorporate the practice of yoga more powerfully into the workplace.

Because we are so incredibly intentional with how we cultivate the Ritual Hot Yoga experience, we do not bring our practice into corporate offices. We believe that so much of the magic we cultivate through the Ritual Hot Yoga experience is because of the safe space we provide students with once inside of our studio sanctuary. All Ritual Hot Yoga classes are taught in a candlelit room, so that students can more easily focus on what is happening within them, rather than get distracted by what is going on around them.

At Ritual hot yoga we have a state of the art sound system that was specifically designed to provide students with an opportunity to get lost in the music, while feeling more connected to the movements of their body. We also have our teachers use a microphone to teach every hot yoga class, so that their voice can be clearly heard even when we turn our beats up loud. In addition, our studio space has mirrors surrounding the space, so that students can get used to watching themselves throughout the duration of their practice and make adjustments to their postures to ensure that they are continually advancing in their hot yoga practice.

Last but not least, the heat present in every hot yoga class is a key ingredient to the providing the complete Ritual hot yoga experience. The heat allows students to relax both their bodies and their minds. The heated yoga room will support students in powerfully riding their bodies of physical toxins, while eliminating toxic thoughts from their minds. Because the heat can feel very physically challenging, it takes a lot of mental concentration and power to stay focused on each yoga pose throughout class. The physical strain that the heat perpetuates on your body forces you to get out of your head and focus solely on each movement of your body.

In addition, all Ritual Hot Yoga Classes come equipped with all of your favorite yoga gear completely complimentary. We provide Manduka yoga mats, Yogitoes yoga towels, and MatSnaps to hold your yoga towel in place on your yoga mat. When we do corporate classes at off site locations, such as corporate offices, it is difficult for us to preserve the integrity of the true Ritual Hot Yoga experience due to the multitude of elements that go into providing this level of service.

What we offer for our corporate clients is personalized company classes. The corporation tells us what intention they would like us to focus on with their employees, what music they think their employees would love to listen to, and what level of postures to pull together when building the class sequence. In addition, we can set aside private studio time after the class ends to provide beverages or snacks for the employees so that they have a chance to connect with their team members or perhaps get to better know people from other departments within the organization.

This is an awesome way for employees to build cross-functional relationships, while bonding over an activity that is bettering both their bodies and their minds. Because students at Ritual Hot Yoga experience powerful transformations in the way they relate to themselves and the world around them through their time on the yoga mat, we have found that sharing in this process of growth with other individuals from your company can help to create really powerful change in team effectiveness, communication, and productivity.