Fiery. Quick. Aware.

Music Style: Chill, Soul, Hip-Hop


Hillary found Yoga during college at a classically transformative time of life. She excitedly became certified in Power Yoga in 2014 and has furthered her 3-year teaching career with multiple 50 hour trainings (Yoga Alliance) and emphasis in strength and alignment. She’s stoked to have found Ritual at a time in her life where she’s able to both grow and be humbled by an amazing new group of business yogis.

Hillary has been lucky to grow into the Yoga Scene in the Bay Area: starting in Berkeley, she learned from many inspiring mentors at a variety of different types of growing studios. These mentors inspired her personally and professionally in their ability to be unapologetically confident in themselves — many of these strong men and woman would later lead Yoga Retreats all over the world, that Hillary would find herself lucky enough to attend.

Hill realized in 2019 while sitting at her swanky SF tech sales job that the environment no longer cultivated her best self: instead she’d find a stronger, kinder version of herself existed just underneath the streets of the Financial District, in a basement on Kearny street.