The signature Ritual Hot Yoga class is 50 minutes of fast-paced hot yoga that links the breath to the beat of the music. This is not your typical yoga class. The flows are fast and the music is loud. You will sweat. Your body will transform. You will feel lighter, stronger, and create more length in your muscles. You will feel at home in your own skin.  


Two teachers conduct each class. The lead teacher guides the class, while the assistant provides hands-on adjustments. Assistants support you in everything from offering advancements and working through injuries, to grabbing you an extra water bottle in a moments notice. Anything you need, we’re here for you.  


Ritual teaches more than just breath and asana, yoga philosophy is at the core of our practice. Each week, Ritual has one yogic intention. The benefits of learning yoga philosophy can transform you mentally, spiritually, and give you that zen vibe off the mat. Teachers weave the intention throughout the practice, taking ancient philosophies and making them relatable it to your everyday life.


Each week Ritual has a set peak pose allowing students to truly see their practice transform. Teachers create diverse sequences to accommodate every level of student so everyone has an opportunity for advancement.


Brand new? 10 year of practice? All levels are taken care of at Ritual as teachers cue levels 1 through 4 so everyone has an opportunity to feel successful and advance. This along with the two teachers in the room provides each student with a customized experience, while feeling the energy of the community.



Classes are held in a yoga oasis lit only by candlelight. The candlelit yoga room supports you in focusing on your breath and your body. The tranquil effect of the dim glow from the candles, instantly helps you relax, leaving the rest of your day behind. The darkness helps us to get more comfortable going inward, and leaving the worry about the others in the room at the door.      


Once you find yourself in the savasana bliss, enjoy a mini massage complete with essential oils and a cool eucalyptus towel over your eyes. It is the ultimate release.



Let’s be honest, life gets busy and planning for your yoga class can add to the chaos.  Ritual alleviates that stress by providing is an all inclusive experience and provides every student with the following amenities complimentary. Yoga Mats Mat Towels Water Bottles Lockers Showers Shower Towels Shampoo, conditioner etc. And a few other surprise and delights



INCREASE FLEXIBILITY: Classes are designed with different types of stretching such as PNF, active, and passive which target muscles in various ways for increased effectiveness. The room heated to 98 degrees by using infrared heat allow your muscles to relax and enter posture safely. BUILD STRENGTH: Ritual incorporates long holds in postures and uses body weight to strengthen muscles. The practice is more physically intense than the average class strategically to reach a point of breaking down the muscle fibers so they can rebuild, increasing muscle mass. DETOX THE BODY: As the humidity and heat in the room climbs, your body sweats out toxins and heavy metals thereby detoxifying your muscles, organs, and glands. The radiant heat is a deep penetrating heat that also promotes a stronger immune system and better cardiovascular health. FIND FOCUS: Breathing to the beat of the music the entire class, forces the mind to stay present in each moment.  This in conjunction with the heat, and difficulty of the postures themselves force you to get present. Classes helps to dissolve the worries, stresses, and preoccupations that exist in our lives off the mat.  KNOW THE BREATH: The breath has the power to change the heart rate, calm the central nervous system, and focus the mind. With Ritual’s dynamic practice, you will quickly realize you won’t make it far without breathing. In addition to just breathing, you will learn how to change the breath to either calm the mind or energize the body.