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The signature Ritual class consists of a variety of fast-paced flows that synchronize your breath with every movement and every movement with the beats from your favorite tracks.  Continuous flowing in conjunction with thorough posture break downs, allow for rapid improvements in your practice. When you breath and flow in combination with each beat of the music you hear blaring in the background, you have no choice but to leave the mind behind, drop into your body, and get lost in the trance of your practice.  Throughout all Ritual classes, instructors call off different levels for each pose, to guarantee that beginning students and advanced yogis alike can maximize their time on the mat.


Carefully chosen teachers and assistants work in partnership to conduct all Ritual classes. The lead teacher directs the evolution of each class and the assisting teacher comes around to each student to deliver one-on-one attention and instruction. The assisting teacher can support a newer student by offering posture modifications or support the safety of anyone working through an injury. The assisting teacher can support an advanced student by taking them deeper in a posture or separately cueing them into a new variation of a pose they may be working towards.


The signature Ritual Hot Vinyasa yoga class always begins with a five minute seated meditation, where you focus all of your energy on the presence of your breath. Each week, the Ritual team collectively focuses on the same intention. At Ritual, we aim to take the teachings found in ancient yoga philosophy and share them with our students in a way that is applicable and relevant for students living in today’s modern world.


Each week, all teachers at Ritual build their classes around the same peak pose. Every teacher will sequence a diverse combination of postures together in their own unique way to guarantee that all levels of practitioners get a chance to master the peak pose by coming to class throughout the week.


In addition to the mastery of a peak posture, everyday of the week, the Ritual teacher will focus a different zone of the body focus on. Attending Ritual classes three to five times throughout the course of a week guarantees that all parts of your body are equally attended to.This unparalleled structure present within every signature Ritual class ensures that students of all levels experience a transformation in their bodies. The objective at Ritual is that all levels of students continue to grow and prosper in their practice.

First Time Students

Get Ready For Candlelit Hot Yoga with Music


The Facilities

Ritual aims to provide the ultimate yoga experience. To support you in focusing exclusively on your breath and your body when you finally do make it to your favorite hot yoga class, we will always leave the lights down low. This dimly lit oasis prevents us from getting distracted by what others in the room are doing throughout the course of the practice, so that it can truly be all about you, and only YOU. Drop in to your nearest hot yoga class at Ritual for an experience that we promise will be unparalleled.

The Amenities

NO YOGA MAT NEEDED: At all Ritual Hot Yoga locations, we offer complimentary mats, towels, and even water for you upon arrival, so all you need to bring is you. Come dressed in your favorite hot yoga gear and we will take care of the rest.  With the multitude of services and luxuries accessible to us in so many parts of out lives off the mat, there is no reason that we should ever have to carry a heavy yoga mat or any other necessary yoga gear with us around the busy streets of San Francisco.

HOT YOGA GEAR PROVIDED: We know that life gets busy and we know that your time is valuable. There are bound to be lots of obstacles that might prevent you from making it to your favorite yoga class, but forgetting to bring your yoga gear will no longer be one of them

The Studio Etiquette

TIMELINESS: We start and end all classes on time. Once meditation starts please wait to enter into the yoga room to respect other practitioners. An assistant will let you know when you can enter the room. If it’s your first time we request that you arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start time of your Ritual San Francisco class to get settled in the space and the fundamental components of the practice . If the class is sold out, 5 minutes before class begins we will give away mat spaces to students on the waiting list.

TEXT/PHONE: Cell phones belong outside the yoga room.We know you are popular, but in the studio we ask that you take the time to connect to yourself.

CLEANLINESS: We ask that you use deodorizing products and to wear clean laundry in the yoga room.  Our space is a safe space and we want everyone to feel comfortable. 

SACRED SPACE: The room is a silent space where we focus on grounding down into our bodies. If you would like to catch up or have conversations use the bathroom or lounge.

GEAR: We love being inclusive, we only ask that you leave your MatSnaps where you found them, and drop your dirty towels in the back basket on your way out of the yoga room.

SAVASANA: We stay in Savasana. Namaste.

The Pre-class Best Practices

BE HYDRATED: It is recommended to start hydrating two to three hours before you make your way to your nearest Ritual studio. Post practice, be sure to replenish your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and water that you may have sweat out during your time at one of our hot yoga studios.

EAT RIGHT: Eating light, nutrient-rich food two or three hours prior to attending a Ritual class is recommended to ensure sustained energy levels throughout the duration of the practice. In addition, we recommend eating a light meal after completing the practice to replenish your body with adequate nutrients.

The Post-class Results

INCREASE FLEXIBILITY: All local Hot Yoga classes at Ritual are conducted in a beautiful studio room designed for heated vinyasa yoga classes between 95-98 degrees. The heat present at every Ritual class is curated through the perfect mixture of radiant heat and forced humidity. The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels within every pose you try at your nearest hot yoga studio.

BUILD STRENGTH: At Ritual, we pair hot yoga with music because we believe this combination of elements present at all Ritual locations cultivates a different level of intensity throughout the practice. Although yoga is low impact, it uses muscles groups that often times you didn’t even know you had. Through the practice, you start to look at your body as your own personal gym.

DETOX THE BODY: As the humidity and heat in the room climbs, your heart will keep working to try and keep your body cool as it detoxifies your muscles, organs, and glands. It’s important to be mindful of the impact on your body in this kind of heat because you’re sweating out minerals like potassium and sodium, along with H2o that must be replenished after the practice is complete.

FIND FOCUS: The conjunction of the heat, mixed with the difficulty of the postures themselves force you to get present. This combination of intensity present during all 50-minute Ritual classes helps to dissolve the worries, stresses, and preoccupations that exist in our lives off the mat. Ritual students rave about the mental and psychological benefits they experience as a result of the practice.

KNOW THE BREATH: Hot vinyasa yoga is traditionally defined as linking movements with the breath throughout the course of the practice in a heated yoga room. With the added element of heat present within all classes, you will quickly learn, you won’t make it far without breathing. As the student at all Ritual studios, you will learn that where there is no breath, there is no yoga.

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