Hip-Hop, Female MC’s, EDM


Positive, Fierce, Magnetic

Marissa’s classes will take you farther than you would dare take yourself as she advances your practice with ferocity and grace. Her career as a competitive athlete ended in an injury that led to her to yoga during her teenage years, and the rigors of competition, strength, and seeking found a new incarnation.

In addition to her teaching credentials, Marissa has completed supplemental trainings in advanced sequencing and advanced inversions and assists. Simultaneous to her immersion in yoga, Marissa dove into politics. Armed with a degree in Government and a minor in Leadership, she headed to D.C. as a congressional intern, but the summer taught her that her impact would flow from a different angle.

She moved from politics into the corporate world and found a passion for hiring and leadership development, skills that track perfectly with her position as Chief People Officer at Ritual Hot Yoga.