Rituals & Visuals Yoga & Photography retreat was created to provide a getaway for those with similar passions, looking to build a community in beautiful places around the world. Envision a place to relax, sweat, build a practice, learn to creatively capture moments, and finish off the day with a cocktail in hand.  

The retreat allows people to dive into new passions whether that be yoga and/or photography; two practices that have the ability to bring people together and foster creativity. The curated experience focuses on elevating your yoga practice as well as giving you the skills to visually capture photos of the experience.

Rituals & Visuals VI will be hosted at the Ostraco Hotel Suites & Spa & Andronikos Hotel (adjoining resorts) in Mykonos, Greece from August 16th-22nd, 2021.




E-Mail garrett@ritualhotyoga.com for additional details!