Hip-Hop, Pop, Bollywood

San Francisco (SOMA)

Motivated, Fun-Loving, Resilient

Sanghi’s unique knowledge of breath coupled with her playful love of movement of all kinds will take you on a journey of safely and confidently finding your most powerful yoga practice.  

Sanghi discovered yoga as a child when she was visiting family in India and hasn’t looked back, though she began to incorporate other forms of movement in her life, especially dance. Her formal yogic training includes restorative and children’s yoga with a focus on trauma-informed teaching, and her professional path prior to joining Ritual Hot Yoga was in healthcare.

Sanghi worked as a respiratory therapist throughout the Bay Area and has developed extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology that she uses in her teaching of asana to support the respiratory system through encouraging increased blood flow and greater lung expansion. 

Sanghi’s classes are journeys of breath and passion that will leave you ready to face whatever challenges the world offers you.