Is Ritual Right for Beginners?

Ritual is an all-levels practice designed for beginners and veterans alike. While the practice is meant to be accessible to a person who has never done a single yoga pose before, please be aware that the class offers 50-minutes of vigorous activity for all students. Poses with advanced variations are offered with 4 levels, Level 1 being the expression of the pose suitable for most bodies, with opportunities to increase strength and flexibility from that starting place. If you are nervous about trying yoga for the first time, come a few minutes early so that a concierge or assistant can answer any questions you might have.

How Should I Prepare for class?

Come to class well-hydrated. The daily recommendation for fluids is between 64-80 ounces for the average human. On days you know you are practicing, drink more than usual and supplement with electrolytes before or during class if you like. Make sure your body is sufficiently fueled and rested. It is recommended to refrain from eating a heavy meal within two hours of practice. Please bring suitable clothes for movement, including breathable shorts, leggings, and sports bras.

What do i need to bring to class?

Life is chaotic enough. Ritual Hot Yoga strives to foster an environment where all you have to think about are the 50 minutes you have set aside to do yoga. Premium mats, mat towels, face towels, water refill stations, essential oils, blocks, mats, shower towels, luxury bath products, lockers, and amenities from hair ties to bags for transporting sweaty post-yoga clothes, plus a fully-stocked beauty bar are all provided as part of the practice.

Each studio has three dedicated showers and changing facilities as well as a lounge area for before or after class. Ritual studios also offer top-of-the-line retail with premium brands such as Beyond Yoga, Lululemon and Alo, as well as specially branded Ritual gear, available for purchase.

What is the Private LEsson?

Every student who books a 10 Day Unlimited package receives a 15 minute private lesson with one of our experienced teachers designed to acclimate you to the Ritual practice, build confidence in postures, and refine your alignment.

Once you book your package, you can visit to book a time slot!