What types of classes does Ritual offer?

Ritual Hot Yoga – This is Ritual’s signature flow. Classes are 50 minutes of fast-paced, sweaty flows followed by a cool eucalyptus towel and mini-massage. You get the benefits of a seated meditation, a high-intensity workout, and a combination of strength building and deep muscle releasing postures in every single class.

Ritual Yin – Ritual Yin classes are 50 minutes of slow, stretchy postures followed by a cool eucalyptus towel and mini-massage. You receive the benefits of a seated meditation, extended holds to stretch into the connective tissue, and deep muscle release in every single class.

Ritual Hot Abs – The freshest, spiciest new offering at Ritual Hot Yoga. It’s 20 minutes of roasting your core, top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. The class draws on techniques from yoga, pilates, and strength training to develop your core, the center of your balanced practice, from all angles.

Ritual Hot Yoga Glutes – The 50-minute Glutes class is just like a signature Ritual Hot Yoga class with extra focus on working your glutes! You get the benefits of a seated meditation, a high-intensity workout, and a combination of strength building and deep muscle releasing postures in every single class.

*Themed Classes – Ritual offers themed classes throughout the month which are specific playlists that coincide with one of the types of classes listed on the schedule.

How do i book a class?

We recommend that you always sign up for class before coming into the studio in order to make sure that you have mat reserved. Walk-ins are welcome but there are no guarantees of a spot since many classes fill up quickly, especially the day of class.

After you Create an Account, please visit your preferred studio schedule to view class times. Once you have chosen a class, you will be prompted to the pricing page where you will be able to choose your desired package. Once you sign up, you can also download the Ritual Hot Yoga Mobile App from the iOS app store for easy booking.

For your convenience, here are the studio schedule links:





What are the best class package options for new students?

The best starting option for a brand new Ritual student is the 10 Day Unlimited package. This will give you 10 consecutive days of unlimited classes and a 15-minute private lesson with one of the experienced Ritual teachers for $75.

Your 10 days will start from the date of your first class and you can either book your private lesson with the teacher in-studio or directly on the Private Lesson booking page.

This will give you an opportunity to try out all of the types of classes and get a feel for the Ritual vibe. Take as many classes as you’d like during these 10 days! Also, if you decide that you’d like to upgrade to a Membership during your 10 Day Unlimited, you will be credited the $75 towards your first month!

Other package options include 1 Class ($34), 5 Class ($160), 10 Class packs ($300), and monthly Memberships ($230/month).

For your convenience, here are the studio pricing pages:





What is included in a Ritual Membership?

When you become a member at Ritual Hot Yoga, you are joining much more than a yoga studio. You are entering into a community of like-minded, driven, and self-aware individuals who are looking to grow their practice while discovering the potential of their true self.

The Ritual community is accepting, authentic, and encouraging. If you’ve been looking for connection and confidence, look no further.

Ritual memberships are $230/month for unlimited classes and there is also an option for an 8X/month membership which is $190/month. There are also options for 6 Month Memberships and Annual Memberships which give you a better monthly rate when purchased up front.

Memberships can be frozen for a minimum of 2 weeks at a time and a maximum of one month a year.

*Each membership starts with a 3 month commitment and then transfers to a month-to-month basis. For cancellations, a 30 day notice is required.


Unlimited Classes

Monthly 30-Minute Private Lesson

New Student Guest Passes

Advanced Booking

Waitlist Priority

Special Pricing on Workshops, Retreats & Retail


How long are classes?

Ritual offers a variety of classes (See FAQ on types of classes) with the working professional’s schedule in mind.

Ritual Hot Yoga – 50 minutes

Ritual Yin – 50 minutes

Ritual Hot Yoga Glutes – 50 minutes

Ritual Hot Abs – 20 minutes

What should I bring to class?

Ritual Hot Yoga strives to foster an environment where all you have to think about are the 50 minutes you have set aside to do yoga.

Ritual studios are ALL-INCLUSIVE and provide premium mats, mat towels, face towels, essential oils, blocks, straps, MatSnaps, water refill stations, tea, coffee, shower towels, luxury bath products, lockers, and amenities from hair ties to bags for transporting sweaty post-yoga clothes, plus a fully-stocked beauty bar are all provided as part of the practice. All amenities are provided for every class at no additional cost.

Each studio has three dedicated showers and changing facilities as well as a lounge area for before or after class. Ritual studios also offer top-of-the-line retail with premium brands such as Beyond Yoga and Alo, as well as specially branded Ritual gear, available for purchase.

How should I prepare my body for class?

Come to class well-hydrated. The daily recommendation for fluids is between 64-80 ounces for the average human. On days you know you are practicing, drink more than usual and supplement with electrolytes before or during class. Make sure your body is sufficiently fueled and rested. It is recommended to refrain from eating a heavy meal within two hours of practice. Please bring suitable clothes for movement, including breathable shorts, leggings, and sports bras. T-shirts and tanks are optional.

*Before starting any fitness routine, please consult your doctor to make sure certain types of exercises are right for you.

How early should I arrive before class?

We recommend arriving at least 10-15 minutes before class to allow time for check-in, putting your items in your locker, grabbing some water and getting set up on your mat.

Doors of the studio open 15 minutes before class and close 2 minutes before the start of class to ensure that classes begin on time.

What if I'm running late or am unable to attend class?

If you’re running late, we ask that you call the studio and we will do our best to hold your spot. Please note that if you do not arrive at least 2 minutes before class begins, the doors could be locked as teachers start class on time. Life can get hectic so the Ritual Crew will do everything possible to get you in class if they are aware beforehand!

A $25 no-show fee is automatically assessed each time a class is missed or if the student fails to cancel within 12 hours of the listed start time. If a student cancels a class at least 12 hours before class begins, no fee will be charged. We typically have more students who wish to attend class than mats available to practice, and this policy encourages students who have reserved a space they cannot use to timely cancel so another student can sweat it out.

Cancelling a class is easy. You can do so via the website, mobile app, or phone. Just make sure to do this at least 12 hours before class to avoid the no-show fee!

How does the Waitlist work if a class is full?

If class is full, you may still sign up for class and be added to the waitlist. If a booked student cancels class and you are added to the class from the waitlist, you will be notified via email.

If the class remains full, one minute after the time of the class, we check the roster to see if everyone who signed up for class has checked-in. At that point, if not everyone has checked-in, we will open up the mat to the waitlisters who are in the studio and then to any other students who would like to join that class.

Is Ritual right for beginners?

Ritual is an all-levels practice designed for beginners and veterans alike. While the practice is meant to be accessible to a person who has never done a single yoga pose before, please be aware that the class offers 50-minutes of vigorous activity for all students.

Poses with advanced variations are offered with 4 levels, Level 1 being the expression of the pose suitable for most bodies, with opportunities to increase strength and flexibility from that starting place. If you are nervous about trying yoga for the first time, come at least 15 minutes early so that a concierge or teacher can answer any questions you might have.

What are the benefits of practicing at Ritual?

There are so many! The benefits extend to your body and mind, not to mention the dynamic community of students and teachers that are housed within each studio. Why practice? Here are just a few reasons:

Increase Flexibility: Classes are designed with different types of stretching such as PNF, active, and passive stretches which target muscles in various ways for increased effectiveness.

Build Strength: Ritual incorporates long holds in poses as well as bursts of movements known as “flows” that use body weight to strengthen muscles. The practice is more physically intense than the average class, with dedicated core sets and invited inversions (or additional core work to build the strength to invert) offered in every class.  

Sweat and Release: As the humidity and heat in the room climbs, your body sweats and sweating feels good. There’s not a one-on-one correlation between sweat and detox – that is a popular fitness myth, but practicing in the heat has been proven to boost metabolism long after the practice has ended, as well as provide a sense of physical lightness and mental clarity.

Find Focus: Breathing to the beat of the music the entire class invites the mind to stay present in each moment. In conjunction with the heat, the darkness and the rigor of the practice, Ritual classes create a completely enveloping experience meant to provide you the opportunity to escape the bullshit and the chaos of your busy life off the mat. The breath has the power to change the heart rate, calm the central nervous system, and focus the mind. A regular Ritual practice teaches you to take this calming tool with you when you go.

What makes Ritual different?

Ritual Hot Yoga is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Students breathe, move, and sweat to the beat of the music during the entire 50-minute practice, inviting the chance to get lost in what becomes a dance between the body and the breath.

The flows move quickly and the music is loud. All classes take place in a candle-lit room perfectly heated to 98 degrees. Once you find yourself in savasana, enjoy a mini massage complete with essential oils and a cool eucalyptus towel over your eyes. It is the ultimate release.

How hot are the studios?

Ritual Hot Yoga uses radiant heat in each of the studios and tempuratures range from 98 – 100 degrees fahrenheit.

There are many benefits to practicing in the heat including:

Increased Flexibility: The heat in a hot yoga studio helps to warm up the muscles and joints, allowing for increased flexibility and range of motion. This can make it easier to perform various yoga poses and movements.

Improved Cardiovascular Health: Hot yoga is often a vigorous and dynamic practice that raises your heart rate, which can provide a cardiovascular workout. Regular practice can help improve heart health, circulation, and stamina.

Enhanced Strength and Endurance: The challenging nature of hot yoga, coupled with the heat, can intensify the workout and engage muscles throughout the body. This can lead to improved strength, toning, and endurance over time.

Stress Relief and Mental Well-Being: Like any form of yoga, hot yoga incorporates breathwork and mindfulness. The combination of physical movement, focused breathing, and the heat can help promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve mental clarity and overall well-being.

Weight Management: Hot yoga can contribute to weight management efforts by increasing calorie burn due to the elevated heart rate and physical exertion involved in the practice. However, it’s important to note that weight loss results can vary depending on various factors like diet, frequency of practice, and individual metabolism.

Improved Balance and Coordination: The practice of hot yoga often involves balance poses and challenging sequences, which can enhance overall balance, coordination, and body awareness.

What is the Ritual Weekly Peak Pose?

The Ritual practice is designed for sustainability and growth. Students who come to class three or more times a week have repeated opportunities to lengthen and strengthen the muscles and explore the techniques invited by the peak pose. What seemed like an impossible shape on Monday becomes if not attainable, at least imaginable by the end of the week. Focusing on a single peak pose all week long means students see consistent results more quickly than attending a week of haphazardly choreographed classes.

What is the Ritual Weekly Intention?

Ritual teaches more than just breath and poses. Yoga philosophy and the ways in which ancient teachings are applicable to modern life are at the core of our practice. Weekly intentions allow you to learn the different philosophies that inspire your teachers, as well as invite you to explore the part of the yoga practice that transcends the physical. Intentions are invitations. Take what works and leave what doesn’t.

How often should I practice at Ritual?

It’s up to you. For optimal benefits, practicing three times per week or more allows your body to start to learn the Weekly Peak Poses as well as acclimate to the heat and rigor of the practice. Strength and flexibility and dedication… practice, and all will come. But don’t overdo it. Give yourself at least one rest day per week.

What is the experience of the Ritual teachers?

Every Ritual teacher has a minimum of 200 hours in a Yoga Alliance certified teaching course, many with multiple trainings in a variety of modalities. 

Ritual teachers are also trainined in the specific Ritual style which is unique in itself.

All teachers are experienced in adjustments, intentions and create a safe space for every student who walks in the door.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ritual teachers and their backgrounds, feel free to visit the Teacher Page!

Can I opt out of physical adjustments?

Two certified teachers conduct each class. One teacher guides the sequence of the class, while the assistant provides hands-on adjustments and demonstrations of the flows and complex poses.

Assistants support you in everything from offering advancements, feel-good assists, and modifications for injury, to grabbing you some extra water.

If you prefer not to be physically assisted – that is a beautiful choice. Just let the assisting teacher know prior to the start of practice or grab a “verbal assist only” candle which are provided at the Create Yours Station.

What is the Community like at Ritual?

The community at Ritual Hot Yoga is supportive, friendly, and diverse. Students come from all backgrounds and experience levels, and the studio emphasizes inclusivity and respect.

Each studio hosts a monthly “Ritual Night Out” which allow all students to meet like-minded people who have the common thread of self-improvement, self-love and practicing yoga! It’s a great way to meet new friends and have fun nights out in the city!

What are Rituals & Visuals retreats?

Rituals & Visuals Yoga & Photography retreats were created to provide a getaway for those with similar passions, looking to build a community in beautiful places around the world. Envision a place to relax, sweat, build a practice, learn to creatively capture moments, and finish off the day with a cocktail in hand.

The retreat allows people to dive into new passions whether that be yoga and/or photography; two practices that have the ability to bring people together and foster creativity. The curated experience focuses on elevating your yoga practice as well as giving you the skills to visually capture photos of the experience.

Past Ritual & Visuals Retreats include:

R&V I – Tulum, Mexico

R&V II – Waimea, Hawaii

R&V III – Bali, Indonesia

R&V IV – Governor’s Harbour, Bahamas

R&V V – Mo’orea, French Polynesia

R&V VI – Mykonos, Greece

R&V VII – St. Lucia, West Indies

R&V VIII – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement for Rituals & Visuals IX!

Is Ritual really All-Inclusive?


Ritual studios are ALL-INCLUSIVE and provide premium mats, mat towels, face towels, essential oils, blocks, straps, MatSnaps, water refill stations, tea, coffee, showers, shower towels, changing rooms, luxury bath products, lockers, and amenities from hair ties to bags for transporting sweaty post-yoga clothes, plus a fully-stocked beauty bar. All amenities are provided for every class at no additional cost.

Each studio has three dedicated showers and changing facilities as well as a lounge area for before or after class. Ritual studios also offer top-of-the-line retail with premium brands such as Beyond Yoga, Alo, and Lululemon as well as specially branded Ritual gear, available for purchase.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

Absolutely NOT! Leave your mat at home! Each Ritual studio has preset mats from Manduka or Lululemon already waiting for your arrival. Once you enter the studio, you will head to the Create Yours Station where you will find complimentary mat towels, face towels, essential oils, blocks and straps for your use.

All you need to bring is your beautiful self.

Are there lockers and showers?

Absolutely! Each studio has dedicated secure lockers for each student to place their belongings.

Also, each studio has 3 showers and many post-class amenities so that you can get ready for your day after the long sweat session.

There are also changing rooms available at each studio for your convenience.

*Please note that Ritual Hot Yoga is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items, however the Ritual Crew will do everything in their power to keep items secure during each class.

Where are the studios located?

Ritual Hot Yoga currently has 3 studio locations and one Hot Spot location.

RIVER NORTH (CHICAGO): 750 N. Franklin Street – (near the corner of Franklin & Chicago).

LAKEVIEW (CHICAGO): 2805 N. Sheffield Avenue – (near the corner of Sheffield & Diversey)

SOMA (SAN FRANCISCO): 1122 Howard Street – (near the corner of Howard & 7th)

DENVER (HOT SPOT): 3101 Walnut Street – near the corner of Walnut & 31st – located inside RiNo Yoga Social)

Is there parking at the studios?

Ritual does not offer dedicated parking so please ensure sufficient time to find street parking near the studio or take advantage of public transportation. Bicycle parking is available in front of our studios, and limited in-studio bike storage is also provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

RIVER NORTH (CHICAGO) PARKING: Street parking is typically available on N. Franklin Street in front of the studio (near Franklin/Chicago) and is $4.75/hour, Monday-Sunday from 8AM-11:59PM. The pay boxes accept cash and credit cards.

LAKEVIEW (CHICAGO) PARKING: Street parking is typically available on N. Sheffield Street in front of the studio (near Sheffield/Diversey) and is $2.50/hour, Monday-Saturday from 8AM-10PM. The pay boxes accept cash and credit cards.

SOMA (SAN FRANCISCO) PARKING: Street parking is limited along Howard Street and we suggest public transportation including BART and MUNI. The closest BART stop is the Civic Center stop which is located only about two blocks away from the SOMA location.