Ritual Hot Yoga Career Teaching Jobs

The business of yoga does not have to look as it has always looked. Part-time, independent contracting is not the only way to teach and share the practice you love. Do you want to be the change you seek? Ritual Hot Yoga is now hiring.

Ritual Hot Yoga is revolutionizing the yoga industry by creating career paths and offering full-time employment with benefits to yoga teachers. Want to be a part of the change? Start by stepping into the transformations already underway. Ritual Hot Yoga is an equal opportunity employer who is now hiring full-time teachers, full and/or part-time concierges, and part-time teaching assistants.

Full-time salaried positions teaching yoga, with health benefits, 401K plans, vacation and sick time, and opportunities for career growth? Is this even real?

Yes. This is the revolution. This is Ritual Hot Yoga.


Get to know Ritual Hot Yoga. From the moment you enter the studio doors, let the experience surprise you. Students are welcomed by a concierge to show you the ropes, a comfortable seating area, and complimentary water and tea. The studio is all-inclusive; mats and mat towels, essential-oil bath products and shower towels, and all those sweet touches you might crave before or after practice have been considered and provided.

Each practice is 50-minutes of candle-lit, fast-paced yoga choreographed to the bumping beats of the inspiring playlists of our teachers, bookended by meditation and massage. Each week, a new peak pose and class intention guide the practice. Advanced variations as well as inversions are offered in every class, as well as hands-on adjustments. Two yoga teachers lead each class, one to guide sequence, and one to provide alignment assists and demonstrations that benefit veteran yogis and beginners alike. It’s a dark, hot, sweaty, rhythmic, soulful journey. The company’s mission? To revolutionize the yoga industry and to revolutionize your practice, one beat, one breath, one movement at a time.


Full-Time Teacher

Ritual Hot Yoga is more than a mission, more than a practice, it is a yoga community held together by the fabric of its exceptional teachers. Interested in joining the Crew? Full-time teachers at Ritual are salaried employees who enjoy health and retirement benefits, vacation and sick time, as well as continuing yoga education and abundant opportunities for career growth. You are invited to focus on nothing but your passion. A 40-hour work week includes time for class choreography, connecting with students, and training and development. Teaching at Ritual requires the ability to: design and deliver multi-leveled classes, including offerings for beginning and advanced students; create intelligent sequencing; lead provocative and challenging meditations; teach with musicality, including cuing to the beat of the music; and maintain an exceptional level of teaching over the course of three to four classes per shift in a heated room.

The application process is rigorous, and begins with an interview followed by 2-3 rounds of teaching auditions with various members of the teaching and assisting staff and product team. Teacher training in the Ritual style commences upon hiring, and teachers are fully-paid during their training. Ideal future Crew members are independent thinkers and workers who are also phenomenal team players. They are passionate, energized, flexible, and committed to teaching at the highest level. Applicants must carry a current RYS 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certification (minimum), and be available for early morning and/or late evening shifts as well as weekends. No teaching certification? Ritual Hot Yoga will sponsor a yoga teacher training for the right candidates. 

To be considered for the position, please select location below to apply online, or send a letter of interest addressing the aspects of the Ritual practice that you find particularly appealing and why you are well-suited to join the crew, as well as your resume to marissa@ritualhotyoga.com. The revolution has been waiting for you.


What is so revolutionary about Ritual Hot Yoga? For starters, each class is lead by a pair of certified yoga teachers: one guide students through a rhythmically intoxicating yoga experience, and another to provide hands-on adjustments, assists and demonstrations. This dual-teacher model is one of the reasons Ritual students see their practices transform swiftly and safely. Ritual Teaching Assistants are cornerstones of guidance and growth. Teaching assistants support students in the room during practice, as well as help the teachers and product staff maintain the studios (including cleaning responsibilities), connect with students, and educate about the Ritual practice and business.

Teaching assistants must carry a minimum RYS 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certification. Ideal candidates are available for early morning-to-afternoon, and/or late evening shifts at least twice a week. They are highly motivated, fast-to-learn, have strong knowledge of anatomy and sequencing and can coach students through modifications for injuries, and are eager to be part of a team of yoga-professionals delivering classes of the highest quality. Qualified candidates will be invited to audition. Paid Ritual Assistant training is provided upon hiring. This is a part-time position, with opportunities for growth and development.

To be considered for the position, please select location below to apply online, or submit a brief letter of interest including teaching experience and certification history to shelby@ritualhotyoga.com. The revolution has been waiting for you.


Ritual Hot Yoga is a business like no other. It is changing the way yoga is practiced, the way yoga teachers are compensated and valued, and the way students interact with the yoga industry. Concierges at Ritual Hot Yoga are the face of the revolution. They interact with students in a transaction-less environment (we’ve traded a front desk for a luxurious seating area). Each shift, the Ritual Concierge introduces new clients to the practice and setting, assists with studio maintenance, addresses membership and billing concerns, attends to immediate student needs, and multi-tasks class logistics in a fast-paced, high energy evening filled with happy faces and a whole lotta sweat.

Ideal candidates have a passion for yoga and a strong background in sales and merchandising. The concierge is responsible for front-of-house student satisfaction and success, and are held to specific satisfaction and key matrices. Ideal candidates possess a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in related areas such as hospitality or business. The concierge position requires flexibility, strong decision-making skills, a positive team mentality, and the ability to deliver exceptional customer service. Applicants must be available to work weekday evening shifts, on a part-time or full-time basis.

To be considered for the position, please select location below to apply online, or submit a detailed letter of interest and resume to marissa@ritualhotyoga.com. The revolution has been waiting for you.