Ritual Hot Yoga Experience

The Ritual Experience

Ritual Hot Yoga is here to change everything. From the yoga studio experience, to the practice, to the business philosophy that provides for sustainable full-time careers in yoga, you’ve never felt anything like this before. Just because the yoga industry in the United States has only operated one way–contract instructors; cookie-cutter classes; inconsistent class quality; and a cut-throat grab for marketshare that places profits over people–does not mean that it always will be that way. Ritual Hot Yoga is the start of the revolution.

The Studio Experience

From the moment you enter the studio doors, let the experience surprise you. Students are welcomed by a concierge, a comfortable seating area, and complimentary water and tea. The studio is all-inclusive; premium mats and mat towels, showers, essential-oil bath products and shower towels, and all those sweet touches you might crave before or after practice have been considered and provided.

The Class Experience

Each all-levels practice is 50-minutes of candle-lit, fast-paced yoga choreographed to the bumping beats of the inspiring playlists of our teachers, bookended by meditation and massage. Each week, a new peak pose and class intention guide the practice. Advanced variations as well as inversions are offered in every class, as well as hands-on adjustments. Two yoga teachers lead each class, one to guide sequence, and one to provide alignment assists and demonstrations that benefit veteran yogis and beginners alike. It’s a dark, hot, sweaty, rhythmic, soulful journey.

The Mission

Ritual is here to revolutionize the yoga industry with salaried career paths for teachers and to revolutionize your practice, one beat, one breath, one movement at a time.  Ritual hires the best and brightest teachers in the area, and trains them to teach in the Ritual style while providing them with full-time salaried employment, benefits including 401K plans, health insurance, paid vacations, as well as career development opportunities.

“I HAVE THE UTMOST LOVE, AND RESPECT FOR THE PRACTICE, which is why I have spent the last 10 years learning the ins and outs of the yoga industry. The memories of the pain I experienced teaching in heated yoga studios across a broken industry sparked a burning passion within me to change the game so that no yoga teachers ever have to experience disrespect or manipulation again for simply doing a job they love.

This model is no secret, and currently is our competitive advantage over other businesses in the same arena. Someday I hope that it is not the case. I pray that one day, the Ritual Hot Yoga crew will have to step their game up because it will no longer be so revolutionary to create a sustainable career path for yoga teachers around the globe. Until that day… we remain the pioneers.”

Lindsey Kaalberg

Founder/CEO, Ritual Hot Yoga