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River North

Energetic, Happy, Encouraging

Alyx is here to help you transport yourself to heights you may not have yet dared to dream. She is a fearless explorer of herself, and will ask you to do your own deep dive, from the apex of your joy to the rock bottom of your fears.

Alyx travelled a road to find yoga. She trained as a springboard diver all the way through college. She scaled the ladders of corporate logistics and flew from the ropes of the trapeze, all sandwiched in between AM and PM yoga classes. As her journey evolved, Alyx found that her balance wasn’t in the extremes of working hard and playing hard (fun as it might be), but in pairing all that energy with the space to unwind and relax. She got certified to teach yoga, traded her blazer for a crop top, and now strategizes the logistics of getting from down dog to chinstand. 

When you step onto the mat in one of Alyx’s classes, come prepared to push yourself higher than you thought you could, and trust that after the work is done, Alyx will hold space to stretch, settle and find complete release.