Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Soultronic Vibes

River North

Perseverance, Passion, Inspiration

Exavier received his 200-hour yoga teacher certification through Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School – Bare Feet Power Yoga and Certified Teacher’s Assistant through Wild Abundant Life July 2016. Exavier has taught over 1500 yoga classes since becoming certified yoga instructor in institutions all over Chicago.

Exavier has worked in the music industry, including Warner Music Group, his own entertrainment law firm, and is culture contributor for ESPN Las Vegas. Exavier is also a public speaker for his media and content company 528 Media Group. Exavier’s love for music, his love for yoga personally, and his passion delivering service and inspiration professionally drives Exavier to not only teach yoga, but as Exavier describes it, “teach a vibe” that powers students on and off the mat.