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“Sweat Yoga” Newbie?

Check out some pro TIPS & TRICKS


Whenever you feel uncomfortable your initial reaction may be to drink water, wipe sweat, run outside for air, or even panic. If you notice that you are dizzy, sit down instead of standing up, keep your eyes open and focus on your breath. You should be able to recover quickly if you focus on every breath in through your nose and out through your nose.


If you come to class after drinking a good amount of water throughout the day you should not need to drink water throughout class. Try to drink up to two liters of water during the course of your day prior to coming to class. If you are unable to meet that recommendation do not try and chug a lot of water right before coming into the room. This may give you an upset stomach or make you nauseous once you start to move through the sequence of yoga poses. During the practice if you feel that you absolutely need to take a drink, it is recommended to sip water slowly versus chugging a lot of water all at once.



Before class try not to eat at a few hours before the start of your first sweat yoga class. If you are trying to practice on a full stomach it will become very challenging for you to completely expand and contract your muscles to your fullest range of motion in the heat. Having half a banana or a small cup of fruit within an hour before class can prevent you from getting hungry during the practice, but will ensure you don’t get a stomach from eating too much.

After a sweat yoga class you will find you crave water to re-hydrate the body. Beyond water, you may want to refresh your system with a fruit juice or coconut water. If you are finding that water is not enough to replenish your system, you may need to add an electrolyte tablet to your water. In addition, hydrating foods such as watermelon or even cucumber can be great to throw into your water or eat as a post sweat snack.


Outside of beverages, you will want to stock up your body with protein. Protein is used to rebuild the cells within your body, which is vital to your muscles ability to recover from a vigorous practice. Lean proteins are recommended to support this process. In addition, you will want to replenish your body’s energy stores with some simple sugars since you have depleted most of your reserves with how much you sweat throughout the class.


All sweat yoga classes at Ritual hot yoga start and end on time. For our brand new students, we recommend that you arrive at the studio at least 15 minutes before the start of class so that you have time to tour the studio, change for class, have a sip of water, and learn to set up your gear in the yoga room. In addition we recommend sitting in the yoga room for at least 5 minutes before the start of class so that your body can begin to acclimate to the heat. As a new student, the assistant in the class will do an injury check in to ensure they know how to properly adjust you during class.


There are many benefits to sweat yoga including increased strength and flexibility, improved balance, enhanced heart health, lower blood pressure, elevated mood, and stronger concentration. In addition, sweat yoga practitioners will find that regular class attendance support the management of a variety of health conditions including insomnia, depression, and chronic pain. Students will also notice an elevation in their mood and increased energy levels. The sweat yoga practice detoxifies the body, which supports the optimization of all bodily functions.

During a sweat yoga class you will find your heart rate increases because of the heat, which creates increased cardiovascular activity and will cause you to burn more calories. The heat helps to increase your metabolism levels and also has the ability to speed up the breakdown of glucose in the body. This process aids in toning your body and helps you to lose weight.


Practicing sweat yoga in a room with forced heat and or humidity stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing out toxins from your system.

This detoxification process rids your system of any harmful substances that may be stored in the body. The humidity and heat present throughout a sweat yoga class, promotes elimination through the skin. You may experience you crave more water throughout the course of your day because you are flushing out toxins and cleansing the body every time you practice sweat yoga.